Frontline Commando 2 Hacked

Version 1 of Frontline Commando is very popular so that the second one has got to viral and many of the gamers search a cheat called Frontline Commando 2 Hack that can generate gems and money for free. Creation of the latest Frontline Commando 2 cheat took us more then 2 months of  work. And now finaly we have created the Frontline Commando 2 cheats and release it, you can down-load it for free.


  1. You can ADD infinity Gold.
  2. You can ADD infinity Money.
  3. Antiban protection.
  4. It work with android and iOS devices.
  5. This tool use proxy by default so you will be safe.
  6. Auto update weekly.
  7. More new features coming soon.


How To use this Tool:

  1. Download the tool.
  2. Connect your device(If you play this game on facebook please skip this step and go to step 3) to your PC with USB or with Wi fi and AirDroid app(if you use android)(you need to have the game installed)
  3. Open tool and click on check button  for check device and game.
  4. Choose what you want
  5. Click on the Start button, it will auto-matically done the hacking.
  6. Have fun!

If you have any questions about our hack please leave a comment below and I will contact the developer teams and ask them about it and I will respond you. Also if you have found any little bug, error or any issue please let me know and I will tell to developer teams and it will be patched in the next week because developers and an update every week.

I hope you enjoy this hack and don’t abuse it if you want to use it long term.

Best regards MellyMo!

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